Creatio No-Code

What is No-Code?

Create a no-code organization where every employee can automate workflows and build powerful apps in just minutes. But what exactly is no-code?

No-Code possibilities

Visual app design tools

With no-code you can quickly and easily build applications using visual elements that are configured in just a few clicks. Within Creatio, extensive ready-made UI components, templates, widgets and views are available to quickly and easily develop apps.

Workflow automation
Enterprise no-code platforms provide tools for end-to-end digital process automation, from simple business processes within one department to complex cross-departmental workflows with multiple phases, tasks and participants. These workflow automation capabilities enable organizations to digitize not only their internal back-office processes, but also their customer-facing workflows, such as marketing or customer service, and deliver a highly personalized customer experience.
Out-of-the-box apps & components

Leading no-code platforms provide immediately usable functionality, eliminating the need to build apps from scratch. For example, some no-code platforms include modules for data management or ready-made components for customer-facing apps, such as service management or sales process management.

App lifecycle management

No-code platforms optimize the entire software development lifecycle by automating processes such as debugging, testing, deployment, version control and more. Users can easily organize their library of apps, including third-party integrations and directly usable apps from the marketplace.

Various integrations

In addition to no-code platform solutions, vendors also typically offer ready-made links to external apps and directly usable apps through their app stores and marketplaces. Users are also enabled to create their own custom integrations through the platform’s no-code capabilities, which provide more intuitive visual interfaces for working with APIs, such as REST or SOAP.

AI and machine learning

The best no-code platforms offer comprehensive AI/ML tools that allow users to build machine learning models for automated forecasting, data classification, natural language processing, best next-step recommendations, data-driven decision making, and personalization – all without writing code or hire a data specialist.


What is No-Code?

No-code allows software engineers and non-technical users to build applications and automate workflows using visual tools and configuration. This enables companies to quickly create new apps and therefore innovate faster and solve IT bottlenecks.

By providing easy-to-use yet powerful tools for end-to-end application development, including UI/UX design tools, AI/ML modeling, and built-in automated quality assurance, no-code empowers every employee to become a skilled software creator without learning computer programming.

Why No-Code

Why No-Code is the best solution?

No-Code platforms offer more flexibility than traditional software development in app design, customization and integration. by offering more flexibility in app design, customization and integration. In addition, no-code shortens time-to-market by up to 10 times, as evidenced by Creatio’s recent report entitled “The State of Low-code/No-Code”.

No-Code technologies

What are No-Code technologies?

No-code technologies are software development tools that allow users to create applications without writing code. No-code development platforms allow companies to develop custom software faster and at a lower cost, while providing greater flexibility and collaboration between technical and non-technical teams. These platforms typically come with a drag-and-drop interface that allows users to build apps by selecting and arranging components in a logical flow.

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