Creatio Marketing

A multichannel marketing platform to coordinate the customer journey and accelerate the lead-to-income process.

The possibilities of Creatio Marketing

360° customer profiles

Create an extremely detailed customer profile to develop a highly personalized approach for each customer. Stay informed about changing customer needs and align them with the right product or service

Customer segmentation
Define and focus on the specific needs of your customers. Segment your customer database based on various criteria and implement customized campaigns for each segment.
Campaign management

Design, manage, and evaluate various types of omnichannel marketing campaigns of varying levels of complexity. Easily assess the results and optimize campaigns using Creatio’s analytical tools.

Lead management

Choose the most suitable channels for lead generation, assess and prioritize the best leads. Analyze the lead conversion process and optimize marketing activities in all phases of the lead lifecycle.


Maximize your email marketing efforts. Tailor your communication to promote customer loyalty and provide a high-quality customer experience.

Monitor website behavior

Track visitors from the moment they land on the website to learn everything about your customer.

Manage Marketing Channels

Optimize your marketing activities across various channels, establish budget plans, closely monitor their execution, evaluate and enhance the ROI of your campaign performances. Effortlessly manage even the most complex marketing campaigns.

Productivity tools

Optimize your workflows for improved results. Effective management of tasks, meetings, and communication with both customers and colleagues is effortlessly handled. Comprehensive information about our services can be found in Creatio’s knowledge base.

Platform capabilities

Create and manage business processes of any complexity. Utilize a flexible low-code platform to easily customize business logic and system interfaces to fit your business needs. With our AI-driven tools, you can optimize and strengthen your segmentation and lead management.

E-mailmarketing campaigns of any complexity

E-mail marketing

Full automation of email marketing campaigns. Rich email templates with a visual content designer, A/B test optimization, dynamic content, and email performance management.

All-in-one digital ad management and ad analysis

Digital ads

Complete management and optimization of the lifecycle of digital advertisements, including planning, integration, tracking, and performance analysis of ad campaigns with extensive dashboards and native integration with popular ad analytics tools.

Marketing campaigns

Manage complex marketing campaigns across multiple channels

Utilize advanced multichannel marketing software with a holistic approach, supported by out-of-the-box best practices, to enhance your lead generation. Reach the target audience with the most relevant message at the right time and through the right channel.

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