Creatio Service

Creatio Service is a intelligent full-cycle service management platform. Optimize the customer experience with the best solutions for your customers. Provide excellent customer service, work more efficiently, and resolve issues faster.

The capabilities of Creatio Service

360° Customer profiles

Utilize Service Creatio to accurately record all your customer-related data. With the help of a comprehensive database, you can personalize collaboration with end-users and significantly enhance service and processes. 

Omnichannel service
Tailor customer interactions at every touchpoint. Utilize various communication channels such as phone calls, chats, emails, and portal messages to ensure swift and transparent case resolution. 
Case management

Optimize the entire lifecycle of a case with the powerful tools of Creatio. Enhance your customer service by ensuring that all service requests are handled most efficiently.

Artificial Intelligence

Utilize Creatio’s AI functionality to always have the most up-to-date customer data. Additionally, the intelligent tools for case routing, classification, and scoring provide the opportunity to efficiently optimize the handling of service requests.


Collect information about all services and known issues in the extensive database. Utilize this data to expedite the handling of service requests and train your Service Desk agents most effectively.


Expand the capabilities of your service with a modern ITSM approach. Achieve more efficient processing of incidents, service requests, and problems following ITIL.

Contact center

Respond to inquiries, manage request queues, and conduct large-scale communication in a timely and highly efficient manner. Optimize the performance of your customer service to provide your customers with an optimal experience.

Productivity management

Utilize Creatio to optimize your customer service. Schedule meetings and phone calls, communicate with both customers and colleagues within one integrated platform and analyze the productivity of your team.

360° Customer profile

Create a smarter service with a 360° view of the customer

Optimize your service by centrally managing all customer data. Gain complete insight into your end-users and collaborate seamlessly at every touchpoint within the service cycle. 

Omnichannel communication

Expand communication with the customer

Integrate all communication channels into one central environment to provide a seamless end-user experience. Personalize your communication with customers through their preferred channels, such as phone, email, messengers, and the Self-Service portal.
Contact center

Increase the efficiency of your contact center

Optimize the efficiency of your contact center with Creatio’s service solutions. Simplify all contact processes with flexible low-code capabilities and intelligent tools for case management and Agent Desktop.
Itsm-solutions for companies

Establish an enterprise-level service based on ITIL

Apply the best practices of the ITIL framework to manage complex ITSM processes. Leverage the effective tools of Creatio to optimize ITSM and automate core processes, including change, incidents, problems, service levels, and configuration management

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