Each Evoqia implementation is distinctly tailored. Utilizing Creatio No Code, we craft bespoke digital platforms precisely aligned with your individual needs and context. Our expertise spans diverse sectors, encompassing business, government, and non-profit organizations, reliably accommodating user bases ranging from 10 individuals to thousands.

Some typical solutions include:


Self Service Portal

A customer portal facilitates digital collaboration with your customers, distribution channels, members, or stakeholders. This immediately results in higher customer satisfaction and relieves your internal organization, allowing your employees to refrain from repetitive tasks.



Marketing Automation Software ensures the digitization of your marketing activities. Advanced email campaigns, marketing campaigns with conditional workflows, event management, and integration with your website and landing pages. Everything you need to take your digital marketing to the next level




The website is often the first contact between customers and clients. Today, a website is much more than an online brochure; it is an essential part of the customer experience.


Sales Force Automation

Sales Force Automation focuses on digitising your commercial processes. From lead qualification to contracting, all data centralised with real-time insights into the pipeline and sales activities.



Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is indispensable in every modern organization. It provides an immediate 360° view of each relationship, is mobile-accessible from any location, ensures centralised and highly secure storage of confidential data, and digitizes your business processes for increased efficiency and customer-friendliness


Member management

Evoqia ensures end-to-end digitization for every member association. Website, marketing communication, member portal, accounting, and centralized management of all members and stakeholders.


Customer Service

The digitization of your Customer Service activities has an immediate and tangible impact on your internal efficiency and customer satisfaction. Paperless processes, fast response times, and continuous real-time insights through Dashboards & Analytics. Business Process Management ensures the streamlining of all incoming requests.


Business Process Management

The application of BPM with associated digitisation ensures an extremely efficient business operation and high customer satisfaction. Explore Creatio Studio and start for free.



The Evoqia Connector serves as the bridge between Creatio CRM and your ERP application, such as Exact Online, Microsoft Navision, etc. Real-time, bi-directional integration according to your specifications.



Evoqia Timesheets allows time tracking from an external app with direct input into Creatio CRM. Your projects with tasks are managed in Creatio, including invoicing.



Evoqia Maps allows you to plot your account or contact data from Creatio on an interactive map. You can determine the results based on your desired parameters.


Project Management

Service organizations digitize their entire internal operations based on the Creatio platform. From sales and project management to invoicing, Creatio streamlines and automates various aspects of their workflow.

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