Creatio Sales

Creatio offers powerful tools and functionalities to optimize sales processes and improve sales results. With Creatio, the sales process is effectively managed, the sales funnel is transparent, and teams become more productive and successful.

The possebilities of Creatio Sales

360° customer profiles

Develop a detailed customer profile with profound insights into the needs and preferences of your customers. Gain clear visibility into the purchasing behavior of your customers and thereby increase the efficiency of your sales processes.

Extensive leadmanagement
Effortlessly optimize your lead management. Utilize effective tools to capture leads, segment leads to focus on the most promising sales opportunities, and closely monitor the lead pipeline to avoid bottlenecks early on.
Easy sale opportunity management

Automate your sales process, streamline opportunity management, and close more deals. Leverage built-in sales processes or seamlessly develop customized workflows tailored to the specific needs of your organization.

Relieve the field sales team

Optimize the efficiency of your field sales, establish guidelines for activities in the field, and monitor the productivity of your sales team.

Overview of sales channels

Utilize Creatio Sales to enhance transparency in sales per channel and optimize the management of your channel network and key partner information. Benefit from effective collaboration between direct sales representatives and suppliers.

Understand orders and invoices

Create, manage, and track orders and invoices. Ensure timely delivery of orders and quickly identify any bottlenecks in the document flow

Effortless management of sales performance and operations

Effortlessly manage sales performance and activities. Schedule meetings, handle tasks, drive towards objectives, and manage documents, products, and sales assets

Optimal management of sales activities

Efficient business communication management is within reach with Sales Creatio. The platform provides all the essential tools to plan, synchronize, and monitor your sales activities

Unlimited platform possibilities

Sales Creatio is easily customizable to your organizational needs. We can expand the built-in functionality using add-ons, connectors, and vertical solutions from the Creatio Marketplace to meet your organizational needs fully. 

360° Customer profile

Build a 360° customer profile and raise sale opportunities

Gain a profound understanding of customer profiles and foster personalized engagement to strengthen and maintain relationships. Conduct a thorough analysis of your customer database to identify the most valuable customers who can drive the growth of your business.

Automation of sales processes

Manage sales processes and workflows

Creatio provides tools to manage the entire sales cycle, from lead generation and management to successfully closing deals. Optimize efficiency in managing sales processes, regardless of their complexity. 

Manage every type of sales

Choose for maximum productivity

Seamless integration with Office 365 or Google Apps, including visit planning, account planning, and a mobile app for both smartphones and tablets. This enables your sales representatives to utilize advanced tools to optimize their performance

Sales performance and operations

Accelerate sales performance

Utilize Creatio’s intelligent capabilities for goal setting, forecasting, and analytics, allowing you to access real-time sales statistics ranging from overall company-wide metrics to specific areas, teams, and individuals.

Connect Creatio Sales with your other digital tools

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