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Vynova brings its go-to-market operations to the next level with Creatio’s no-code platform.

Vynova is a leading European PVC and chlor-alkali company. The company operates production sites in five countries and has over 1,250 employees, realizing an annual turnover of 1.3 billion Euros. Vynova products are essential for manufacturing numerous industrial products and consumer goods that improve quality of life.

Vynova is a leading European PVC and chlor-alkali company. The company operates production sites in five countries and has over 1,250 employees, realizing an annual turnover of 1.3 billion Euros. Vynova products are essential for manufacturing numerous industrial products and consumer goods that improve quality of life.

Key facts

Founded in 2015 and demonstrated impressive growth since
In 2021, Vynova achieved EcoVadis Gold Rating for its sustainability efforts
Manufacturing sites in Belgium, Germany, France, the Netherlands, and the UK.

Key deliverables



lead conversion rat



sales via insights and intelligent forecasting capabilities



in operational efficiency and collaboration

IT infrastructure reinforcement

Vynova’s IT infrastructure consisted of various disconnected solutions, therefore, the company lacked end-to-end visibility of the customer journey. The company wanted to connect the sales and marketing units and equip them with the tools that would help improve both cross-departmental and customer interactions, leading to a high-end customer experience.

Vynova found the solution in Creatio’s no-code platform to automate industry workflows and CRM with maximum degree of freedom.

Open API ensured the seamless coexistence of different apps and aligned data, while no-code workflows facilitated large-scale process automation and harmonization.

A unified IT Ecosystem for a better enterprise experience


Creatio’s local partner Evoqia carried out the platform implementation. No-code architecture and first-rate user experience ensured swift deployment in agile and rapid user adoption. Evoqia provided data integration using the existing application landscape incorporating Creatio with the company’s ERP solution, to ensure seamless account management, and Qlick Sense application for advanced reporting.


In addition, Creatio is integrated with Vynova’s document management system and collaboration tools. As a result, Vynova’s employees don’t need to search through hundreds of spreadsheets anymore – all data is easily accessible and quick to find within one interface. “By combining ERP, CRM and BI tools, we receive data we never had before. Everything is well-structured and we know where it is”, says Fabrice Colin, Commercial Digital Transformation Manager at Vynova.

Master Data Management

Working with multiple applications often results in fragmented or duplicated data. Therefore, in Creatio, Evoqia implemented a complex enterprise-wide Master Data Management workflow to ensure data alignment. Every new account added to the system goes through several internal checks and is then synchronized with ERP. The critical info fields remain locked for the regular system users. Whenever they need to make modifications, like VAT change or Payment Terms change, users submit a request to the Master Data Management team.

One-stop-shop multiple business needs


The company has a dedicated sales team for each product line and a separate workspace in the system to keep their records neat. Designed end-to-end sales management workflows guide users through all the stages from lead to contracting. To keep track of price agreements, Vynova configured the quotation module. The system creates a quote from the opportunity, sends it for internal approval, and then automatically generates a PDF, which is emailed to customer. When the price is approved by the customer, the customer service team gets notified about the new price agreement, and they create an invoice in the ERP.


The company leverages Creatio’s marketing module to boost lead generation by running personalized campaigns. Furthermore, contact center operations are also automated in the system. With Piloting Agent Desktop, service agents efficiently manage case queues and process customer claims and complaints.


Additionally, Vynova obtained a set of tools to get in-depth analytics for data-driven decision-making. Bringing together marketing, sales, and customer service allows Vynova to unify team efforts in driving revenue and streamlining the customer journey.

By adopting Creatio, we switched from numerous manual interactions to a one-stop-shop approach that allows us to manage leads and opportunities, generate quotes, and process customer cases all in one system, keeping our records neat and clear.

Fabrice Colin
Commercial Digital Transformation Manager at Vynova

Capitalizing on No-Code customization

Customer questionnaires

As a raw materials manufacturer, Vynova is often requested to respond to customer questionnaires or provide supplier declarations serving as proof of origin. With an idea to simplify the response process, the company created a custom section to manage questionnaires and declarations in Creatio. When a customer requests information, the system creates a new record where the user can select from a digital repository a list of documents. Then, the business process converts the selected documents into prints to be shared with the customer.


The company has a profile with Knowde, a digital marketplace for chemicals, polymers and ingredients. The marketplace visitors can request product samples to ensure they match their needs. The Creatio integration with Knowde helps collect visitors’ information, convert them into leads and manage these requests directly from the system. The tailor-made workflow outlines all the steps that need to be taken to arrange the delivery and asks for sampling results submission.


Products and sample logistics are also managed in Creatio. The RFQ with delivery details is submitted to the transportation companies. The companies send their bids, and Vynova selects the carriers to fulfill the delivery request. The manufacturer interacts with transport companies through a custom built Partner Portal.

No-code technology

Empowered with flexible no-code technology, Vynova’s team can independently create intelligent solutions for their business needs. However, the emerging ideas of the employees required orchestration.

Process digitalization

As such, a dedicated section was built in the system called «Let’s go digital», where employees can submit their ideas for process digitalization. If approved, the ideas are implemented by the internal competence center. The author can track the status of their idea and gets notified when it’s up and running.

Once I obtained some product knowledge, I realized there is quite a lot I can customize myself. Creatio is truly a no-code solution enabling people with absolutely no coding skills to design processes. Beyond a CRM, Creatio is a platform to automate workflows and create custom solutions.

Fabrice Colin
Commercial Digital Transformation Manager at Vynova

Boosting efficiency through intelligent automation

Creatio’s no-code platform to automate industry workflows and CRM has become the engine behind Vynova’s operational efficiency. The software-driven innovations across sales, marketing, and customer service departments have helped Vynova keep a competitive edge and maintain an exceptional business reputation. The organization greatly benefits from no-code development tools as they enable the customization of dedicated solutions to accommodate the company’s needs. Vynova aims to continually deploy new processes to achieve automation at scale.

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